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Could someone take it apart with one wrench and steal all the equipment?

All rack systems are bolted in place. Security screws can be used if desired.

Would it be easy to cut the aluminum off?

No, the posts are made of 6005 T5 aluminum with a minimum tensile strength of 35,000 psi. Typical hot rolled steel is only 30,000 psi. Further, the T-slot design has twice the cross-sectional area of an angle of the same size.

Are other rack systems faster?

No, the Gridiron system uses the Quickdraw™ latch system allowing one hand operation and one lock locks all trimmers. Also, there are no no pins or clips to loose.

How many trimmers can I put on one post set?

Estimate one trimmer per foot of post above the trailer rail. For enclosed trailers, the entire post can accept trimmers. For example, a 4' system mounted in an enclosed trailer can hold 4 trimmers. A 5' system mounted to a trailer with a rail 12" above the floor can hold 4 trimmers.

Can it be shipped by UPS?

Yes, all GRIDIRON components can ship UPS

How does the lifetime guarantee work?

Performance Guarantee - Follow normal OPEI warranty claim procedures. Replacement service - Send the product with an explanation to Novae Corp. Customer Service. Novae will contact the customer, dealer or distributor regarding the claim. Money back - Send the product to Novae Corp. and follow normal OPEI warranty claim procedures.

How long does it take to install?

It takes about 15 minutes for the posts and 10 minutes per component.

Can someone get just one trimmer bracket?

Yes, that's the whole idea, buy what you need now and add to the system as you grow.

Can I get an owner's manual?

Yes. All installation guides and other needed information can be downloaded from this site on the Gridiron page or Manuals & Price Lists page.

Is there a better system on the market?

No. Gridiron is the only modular Custom Tool Storage system on the market. We are so confident in our system, we guarantee it for life!

Do the Proslide XT & GoSlide tear up the lawn?

No, the wear plate is beveled on the edges and after a little use, the sides curl up and glide over grass, sidewalks, and driveways easily. Click here to see the Proslide XT in action.

What do they do to the lawn?

The Proslide XT is two feet wide, The GoSlide is 20 inches wide; they cover the gap between the mower tracks enhancing the striping effect on the lawn. With sharply defined stripes, Proslide XT & GoSlide lawns look great!

Is the ride rough and will it hurt my back and knees?

Due to the large surface area in contact with the ground at all times, the Proslide XT & GoSlide have the smoothest ride of all sulky devices. They glide over holes and dips that wheels drop into.

What do they do in wet conditions?

The Proslide XT & GoSlide spread the operator's weight over a very large surface area (Proslide XT = 311 sq. in., GoSlide = 275 sq. in.) preventing ruts that you get with wheels that concentrate the operators weight (4 sq. in).

What mowers will they attach to?

Almost all commercial walk-behind mowers. Honda and Ferris mowers require an available adapter kit. John Deere offers an exclusive bracket to mount the Proslide XT - See your dealer for details.

How long does the wear plate last?

Depending on the conditions of use, about 500 hours. Use on paved or gravel surfaces reduces the wear plate life.

How does the Proslide XT work?

As the mower starts to move forward, the operator steps down on the foot plate and the mower's forward motion extends the arm. To get off, the operator simply steps off and it retracts out of the way. To back up, the operator simply walks back and the Proslide XT retracts normally.

Can I get an owner's manual?

Yes. All owner's manuals and other needed information can be downloaded from this site on the Proslide XT page, GoSlide page or Manuals & Warranties section.

What is the warranty policy?

The Proslide XT & GoSlide have a one-year warranty for parts and labor, excluding the wear plate. Contact Novae Corp. for details.

Are there better sulkies available?

No. No other sulky provides these features: self retracting (Proslide XT only), stays directly behind the mower controls, no chance of jackknifing, no additional wheel track, and enhances lawn striping. Only the Proslide XT & GoSlide do all this and more.