The GoSlide offers great looking professional lawns with even greater cost-saving benefits than clumsy-wheeled sulkies. You will get great results, provide better striping, mow faster, conserve energy, reduce fatigue and Injury, and never replace a wheel or tire bearing again! The GoSlide offers the opportunity to build your professional image, your referrals, and your income.

The GoSlide allows you to mow more lawns faster while making them look even better. The large platform has plenty of room, glides over bumps and leaves a clean, well-defined stripe on the lawn.

There are no wheels to leave unsightly ruts in a nicely manicured lawn. Wheeled sulkies make ugly all over your hard work. GoSlide adds beautiful striping that your customers will love. You’ll get more referrals, and in the end, you’ll make more money using GoSlide!

Riding the GoSlide is very comfortable. The large platform has plenty of room, glides over bumps and leaves clean well defined stripes on the lawn.

  1. Quick Release Hitch
    Quickly and easily connect and disconnect the sulky.
  2. Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
    Heavy 1/4" enhanced steel frame provides
    years of rugged commercial use.
  3. Powder Coated Finish
    Tough, long-lasting powder coated finish.
  4. Rides at Ground Level
  5. Low Friction Wear Plate
    Low friction engineered thermoplastic 3/8" wear plate
    with beveled edges will not damage lawns and rides at ground level (lasts 2.5X longer than previous model).
  6. Aluminum Tread Plate
    No slip aluminum tread plate will not rust.